All Jokes Aside: Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Go At It On Instagram (Photos)

Things between Mike Epps and Kevin Hart are heating up.

The feud between the two comedians all began after a fan commented under Mike Epps' Instagram photo where he's pictured with Eddie Murphy, "Eddie Murphy funnier than Kevin Hart still."

"Sh-t Everybody is," responded Epps.

Hart followed up with, "It's a shame everybody isn't selling tickets like me tho..."

From there, things took a mean left and resulted in a lengthy, Insta-fingaz battle between the two.

Check out their exchange below:

Nick Cannon tried to intervene but Mike Epps wasn't having it...

Really hoping Mike and Kevin make up soon.

But in the meantime -- the REAL question is: Who's funnier? Mike or Kevin?

Let's get into it in the comments below!

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