Cardi B Pulls Out of 24K Magic Tour (Photos + Video)

Looks like Cardi B is taking a much needed break.

The new mommy took to her Instagram account to reveal that she won't be joining Bruno Mars on the "24K Magic" tour starting in September, noting, she "underestimated the whole mommy thing."

Check out her full response below:

Bruno Mars has since returned the love following her announcement:

On Instagram Live later on Thursday, Cardi, discussed her decision to drop out of the tour and opened up about some of the struggles she has been facing as a new mother:

“That postpartum shit is really real, y’all. Moms always give advice like, ‘Oh, when you have a baby, things change. You will see it’s not easy,’ and it’s true,” she said. “No matter how many books you read you just really have to have a baby to see.”

“I respect mothers more than ever now,” she continued. “I see moms differently, especially the young ones that barely have experience and barely have money. I don’t know how they do it.”

Even then, she said she’s still loving life as a new mom and couldn’t bear to be away from Kulture. 

(via HP)

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