"I am Not That Type of Girl" Reporter Speaks Out On NBA Young Boy Asking Her On A Date (Video)

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Kalima Kam, the All Urban Central reporter seen flirting it up in a recent, now viral interview with NBA Youngboy is asking folks to put some respeck' on her name.

The full response video Kalima shared on her YouTube channel has since been deleted.

But in her full response, she says she didn't think the rapper would ask her out on a date and feels "people painted me out to be a hoe because I complimented him."

Kam went on to say that she has no interest in dating the 18-year-old rapper or any other celebrities for that matter.

Check out the initial interview clip everyone's talking about below:

The viral clip originally captioned, "how to successfully shoot your shot," has since gained over 8 million views on Twitter.

Black Twitter remains divided on who actually shot their shot first.

Who do you think shot first: NBA Youngboy or Kalima Kam? What are your thoughts on Kalima's response?

Let's get into it in the comments below!

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