Kanye West Gets Boo’d After Defending Trump on SNL

Kanye West performed on Saturday Night Live, and ultimately went on a long rant expressing his feelings towards Donald Trump wearing his Make America Great Again hat.

It was a mixture of boo’s and applauses in the crowd, but mostly people feeling awkward.

Celebrities such as Lana Del Ray, and Snoop Dogg felt offended he is supporting Donald Trump with the policies he believe in.

Donald Trump on the other hand went to Twitter and praised Kanye for his speech.

Fans discovered Kanye’s liking for Trump earlier this year when he made multiple tweets discussing Trump and his support for him, which now are deleted.

Will his music sales decline because of his support of the president? Or will his fan base grow now? Let’s get into it in the comments below!

by: Kelsey Jones @KissMeKelsey_ (Twitter)

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