Kenya Barris Ends ABC Studios Contract, Eyeing Nine-Figure Netflix Deal

It's official -- Black-ish showrunner and Girls Trip writer, Kenya Barris, is leaving ABC Studios.

According to USA Today, Barris issued a statement late Friday noting his departure as the studio confirmed that his overall deal, which reports say had three years remaining, would end in August.

Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter are reporting that Barris is considering a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. The popular, video streaming service has yet to confirm this.

In his statement, Barris said:

“I’m very grateful to (ABC Studios president) Patrick Moran and his team, who have supported me every step of the way as I created the worlds of 'Black-ish,' 'Grown-ish,' and now 'Besties.' It has been an incredible ride including a Peabody and Golden Globe win, Emmy nominations, and many other accolades. But most importantly, they’ve allowed me to realize my dream of creating my own shows and I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together.

Leaving is bittersweet, but between my series on the air and projects currently in development, I know I’ll continue to work with ABC Studios for a long time.”

If Barris does indeed go through with this reported Netflix deal, the star producer will join Shonda Rhimes (who also left ABC) and Ryan Murphy (who left Fox), and both inked mega-million deals with the Netflix company.

According to reports, Barris was bothered by ABC's decision not to run a politically themed episode of "Black-ish" in March.

Whew chile, looks like Netflix is snatching up black creatives and content left and right.

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