KING: LeBron James Celebrates Women of Color (Photos)

LeBron James has proven he is all about greatness and positivity.

He reminded of us this with his most recent Instagram posts -- celebrating all of the many women of color on the cover of coveted September magazine issues, including Beyoncé, Rihanna, the leading ladies of FX show, Pose, and Issa Rae just to name a few.

James wrote:

"Nothing in this world is more POWERFUL than Colored Women!! Thank you all for ... setting great examples in life for so many looking up to you for inspiration/guidance and love!! My daughter is watching! #WomenPower💪🏾❤️👑"

Check out his full posts below:

Thank you King James, for using your platform to celebrate, uplift and value black women. We really do appreciate you.

Fellas, take notes...

What are your thoughts? Let's get into it in the comments below!

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