Tekashi69 Assaulted, Kidnapped and Robbed in Brooklyn (Photos)

Tekashi69 is now in the hospital after TMZ reports he was kidnapped, robbed and pistol-whipped early Sunday morning:

6ix9ine initially claimed this all went down around 4 AM in the driveway of his home after he wrapped up a late-night video shoot. According to TMZ, sources said, "that's when 3 hooded gunmen got out of the other car, grabbed Tekashi and pistol whipped him ... knocking him unconscious."

The three men demanded his jewelry and money -- or they would kill him.

The gunmen reportedly made off with around $750k in jewelry and between $15k and $20k in cash. At some point, 69 was able to escape the vehicle and jumped into a random passenger's vehicle, pleading for help. The stranger then called 911 and 6ix9ine was later picked up by an ambulance where he's currently being treated.

Now reports are saying the New York native is telling cops a completely different story -- one that's a lot less intense than the one he initially told the people.

This incident went down just hours after the release of 6ix9ine's new "FEFE" remix featuring Nicki Minaj:

6ix9ine is no stranger to beef -- the rap sheet of guys who don't rock with him runs deep.

Who could've done this and why still remains -- but either way, stay tuned...

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