Y’all BOLD Bold! Garcelle Beauvais and Vivica A. Fox  Post Photos Kissing Will Smith (Photos)

A special shout-out to Uncle Will, infamously known as Will Smith for turning 50 and looking as young as ever.

But as he was receiving many birthday shout-outs today, there were TWO particular birthday shout-outs that were completely out of pocket.

Garcelle Beauvais, whom you may know as Fancy, from The Jamie Foxx show, tweeted a throwback picture of her and Will kissing:

Many people who saw the tweet found it disrespectful because Will is happily married to the lovely Jada Pinkett-Smith.

But if you thought that was crazy, Vivica Fox also posted a throwback picture on Instagram wishing Will a happy 50th birthday, with a picture of them kissing from their blockbuster film, Independence Day:

Now the real question is -- will Mrs. Pinkett-Smith address these posts on the Red Table talk?

Or keep it pushing? Questions that need answers!

Let’s get into it in the comments below!

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